Microneedling with PRP: Why It’s Become One of the Hottest Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

Microneedling with PRP: Why It’s Become One of the Hottest Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

06 Aug, 2019

Up until your mid-to-late twenties, a consistent skin care routine was all you needed to keep your complexion looking bright, fresh, and healthy. Fast forward about a decade, however, and it may seem as though your usual regimen no longer has what it takes, at least not when it comes to offsetting the effects of regular sun exposure or the inescapable changes brought on by the natural aging process.

Let’s face it: Even if your daily skin care habits are impeccable and you’ve got great genes, your beautiful and hard-working epidermis can’t escape the passage of time — with each advancing year, it loses some of its firmness, elasticity, and moisture. At the same time, the cumulative effects of long-term sun damage become increasingly apparent, while fine lines, dark spots, and other familiar age-related flaws begin to emerge more quickly.

Here at Renove Medical Spa, we know that feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin starts with a luminous, youthful complexion. Because we also know that everyone’s skin could use a little TLC once in a while, we’re proud to offer the safest, most effective, and most advanced corrective skin treatments available. This includes microneedling with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), otherwise known as the vampire facial.

Discover what makes this advanced facial rejuvenation treatment so popular, and find out how it can help you achieve total skin renewal from the inside out.

Vampire facial 101

A vampire facial joins two powerful catalysts for collagen regeneration and elastin renewal — microneedling and PRP therapy — into a single, minimally invasive treatment that promotes optimal facial rejuvenation and skin revitalization by harnessing your body’s own natural repair mechanisms.

By optimizing collagen and elastin production while simultaneously encouraging rapid healing and tissue regeneration from the cellular level up, a vampire facial can transform your skin, leaving it stronger, tighter, smoother, brighter, and more youthful looking than ever.

To understand how a vampire facial achieves such desirable results, it’s important to know how each element of the treatment works, as well as how they work together:


Also known as collagen induction therapy, microneedling uses an innovative device that looks somewhat like a pen, until you see its automated tip, which contains at least a dozen ultra-fine needles.

When this specialized tool is gently and systematically pressed across the surface of your skin, it creates superficial microchannels that trigger your internal healing mechanisms, causing your body to drastically escalate its production of collagen and elastin from your deepest dermal layer all the way through to the surface of your skin.

On its own, microneedling can work magic on your skin — in fact, it’s an incredibly popular stand-alone treatment among women and men who want a quick, easy, and effective way to revitalize their complexion without having to undergo a more invasive procedure.

PRP therapy

PRP therapy is a proactive form of regenerative medicine that uses a concentrated preparation of platelets derived from your own blood. Your platelets get their regenerative powers from the hundreds of special growth factors they contain, many of which stimulate cellular proliferation and encourage rapid tissue regeneration.

So how, exactly, does it work? First, PRP is created by spinning a small vial of your blood in a special machine to separate and concentrate the platelets; your personal PRP serum has 5-10 times as many platelets — and growth factors — as what’s found in normal, circulating blood.

Then, when carefully applied to the fresh microchannels in your skin created by the microneedling process, PRP and its powerful growth factors take collagen growth and elastin renewal to the next level, fostering optimum skin renewal results and long-lasting facial rejuvenation.

Simple, gentle, and highly effective

Whether you’re looking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, tighten visibly large pores, or simply restore a brighter, more radiant complexion, microneedling with PRP can leave your skin looking tighter, smoother, and more uniform.

The microneedling process itself is comfortable from start to finish, thanks to the application of a quick-acting topical numbing cream prior to treatment. As the numbing agent takes effect, we draw a small amount of blood from your arm so we can prepare your personal PRP serum.

Once your skin is fully desensitized, the microneedling portion of the treatment takes place, followed by the careful application of the PRP serum across the entire area. From beginning to end, the entire process takes about an hour and a half.

Within about 24 hours, after any mild redness and minor inflammation subside, you can expect to see a healthy glow, improved skin tone, refined texture, and even a noticeable degree of restored facial volume. You can also expect continued improvement in the weeks and months following your vampire facial, as the skin renewal process unfolds.

If you’re ready for smoother, tighter skin and a more uniform complexion with fewer lines and wrinkles, the team at Renove Medical Spa can help. Call our Kingwood, Texas office today, or use the easy online tool to schedule an appointment with Dr. Naqvi any time

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