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What causes cellulite?

You have a cushioning layer of fat that separates your muscles from your skin. In most cases, you can’t tell this fat is even there. But sometimes fat builds up in larger pockets in certain areas, like on your buttocks and thighs. This is quite common for women.

The issue is that when fat builds up too much, the fibrous cords that connect your muscles to your skin have too much tension on them. As these cords pull your skin down, fat gets pushed up and is more visible. This results in skin dimpling, known as cellulite.

It isn’t well understood why some women and even men are more prone to developing cellulite than others. Genetics can certainly play a role. Your risk of developing cellulite also increases due to weight fluctuations or hormonal imbalances.

How does cellulite reduction work?

Cellulite reduction treatments from Rénove Medical Spa are performed with the state-of-the-art BTL Cellutone and BTL Exilis Ultra 360 platforms. In many cases, Dr. Naqvi combines these platforms for more dramatic results. Each cellulite reduction platform is described below.

BTL Cellutone

BTL Cellutone uses targeted vibrations to enhance blood circulation, reduce excess fluid buildup, and improve oxygen supplies to the area. An entirely noninvasive and nonsurgical treatment, BTL Cellutone results in an improvement in your skin’s tone and texture, with continuing improvements after each treatment.

BTL Exilis Ultra 360

BTL Exilis Ultra 360 combines the power of noninvasive radiofrequency and ultrasound energy. Using controlled heating and cooling — for maximum comfort — the handheld device delivers energy to various tissue depths.

As tissues and fat heat up deep underneath the surface of your skin, new collagen formation is triggered for optimal skin tightening, while fat cells start shrinking and breaking apart. Over time, your body erases the minimized fat particles naturally.

When will I have results with cellulite reduction?

Rénove Medical Spa personalizes your BTL Cellutone and BTL Exilis Ultra 360 cellulite reduction treatment plan to you. In most cases, Dr. Naqvi finds that noticing optimal results within about two to three weeks of your first treatment is most common.

Dr. Naqvi often recommends coming into Rénove Medical Spa once or twice a week for at least three weeks to get rid of stubborn cellulite. By the end of your treatment plan, you should notice optimal cellulite reduction effects, with continuing improvements over the following months.

Smooth out your skin and get rid of unsightly cellulite by booking a cellulite reduction consultation at Rénove Medical Spa today. Schedule either online or over the phone.

Individual results may vary. ––––––

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