Skin-Enhancing Benefits of Dermaplaning

Skin-Enhancing Benefits of Dermaplaning

07 Aug, 2020

Did you know dermaplaning has been around since the 1970s? It first debuted as a treatment for acne. Since then, dermaplaning has blossomed in popularity and is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments among actors and models. Thanks to the many skin-enhancing benefits of dermaplaning, there’s little surprise why it’s such a trendy procedure.

Dermaplaning isn’t just for A-list celebrities, though. Dr. Afia Naqvi at Rénove Medical Spa and our skilled team of providers are proud to offer dermaplaning so you can experience these benefits, too.

Keep reading to explore all the ways dermaplaning enhances your appearance.

How dermaplaning transforms your skin

Dermaplaning, which is sometimes called face shaving, is a type of facial exfoliation. Instead of using a sugar scrub or a chemical exfoliator, dermaplaning achieves its results with a 10-gauge scalpel. This type of exfoliation is called manual exfoliation.

During your treatment, the scalpel gently shaves away the top layer of dead, dull skin. As a result, you’ll notice these seven benefits:

  1. Removal of peach fuzz
  2. Better penetration of facial creams and serums (since dead skin can block its absorption)
  3. Smoother application of makeup creates a more flawless appearance
  4. Brighter, glowing complexion (since dead skin is dull)
  5. Diminished appearance of fine lines
  6. Smoother, softer skin
  7. Reduced appearance of acne scars

Unlike chemical peels, dermaplaning can exfoliate all skin types, and there’s no downtime required.

Dermaplaning and other aesthetic treatments

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, dermaplaning can also be used with other treatments. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, dermaplaning can prepare your skin for other procedures, including chemical peels. That’s because dermaplaning removes dead skin and debris, allowing the products used in a chemical peel to better penetrate your skin. When products penetrate better, they are more likely to do what they are designed to do.

What about that peach fuzz?

Peach fuzz is normal, but most women find it bothersome. Don’t let the thought of facial shaving trick you into thinking you’ll be stuck with facial stubble. Dermaplaning gets rid of pesky peach fuzz, without the risk of thicker hair growth. The surgical blade simply removes the vellus hair (i.e., peach fuzz), but it never disturbs the hair root.

In other words, your hair will grow back, but it won’t be thicker. It’s safe to receive dermaplaning treatments on a regular basis so you can keep that peach fuzz in check.

Take your at-home skin routine to the next level

One way to enhance your skin is to maintain a solid at-home skincare routine. Keeping your skin hydrated and nourishing it with serums can help your skin stay more youthful and supple. You can maximize the power of your creams and serums by pairing them with dermaplaning. Simply put, when your creams penetrate better, they can do their job more effectively.

Glowing skin? Yes, please!

At Rénove Medical Spa, it’s our mission to help you reach your aesthetic goals, whether that’s through dermaplaning, laser treatments, or the Alastin Skincare line.

To learn more about dermaplaning (or another aesthetic service), call our Kingwood, Texas spa at 346-200-8481. Alternatively, visit us online to request an appointment.

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